Recently Read: Thinking, Debating And Doing – New Experiences of Farming

by the editors 02/10/2014
  • A Berlin based company called Infarm takes urban farming to a new level. You can now grow micro greens in your own kitchen by using their growing kit. It´s reusable and allows you to see the entire growing process.
  • Here’s an interesting conversation about  “The commons”  as a way of life, with links between premodernity experiences and postmodern realities. Can the current “Common” expressions be a good approach to governance, sustainable resource management and social wellbeing?
  • What  kind of interests can the fight against climate change contain?Via Campesina wants unmask the consequences for peasants, smallholder family farmers, migrants, rural workers, indigenous people, and youth that the theoretical solution called the Climate Smart Agriculture could be.

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