Summer Institutes

The ICRPS summer institutes provide students with the opportunity to study in two countries. For students who wish to attend two consecutive schools (one in North America and one in Europe), the program includes advanced topics and an opportunity to share research results with faculty and other students. Students work in groups to make presentations, analyze documents, prepare policy briefs, meet policy professionals and take part in field trips. Each intensive summer school connects faculty and international students in a dedicated learning environment. In addition, each summer school session is a combination of new and returning students, which enhances the mutual learning experience of both years. Students can take online courses for credit between the two summer schools, as well as pursue a policy research project.

Next Summer Institute

The 2021 ICRPS Summer Institute will be held from June 15-25, 2021 in a virtual format.

Previous Summer Institute

Summer School Requirements

The following are general guidelines for admission to the ICRPS summer school. For further details on how to apply through a specific institution, please contact the core faculty member at your home university.

  • Graduate student (masters or doctoral) at a partnering institution or a mid-career professional.
  • All prospective students applying to the ICRPS program should have a minimum B+ average in previous studies or equivalent.
  • As the Summer Schools are conducted in English participants require abilities in reading, writing and speaking. Linguistic abilities in French and Spanish are considered assets.
  • Mid-career professionals are encouraged to apply. Please contact a faculty member from your country.

How to Apply

  • Interested students or professionals can apply to the appropriate program at their home university or to any of the institutions in the ICRPS Consortium.
  • An application is made to the ICRPS program through a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining the applicant’s reasons for joining the program, as well as their core rural policy interests. The LOI should also indicate whether a student plans to undertake only a summer institute, or whether they are also interested in online courses and/or a research internship. The LOI should be accompanied by the applicant’s resume.
  • Applications for the summer institutes should be submitted by May 1 of each year.
  • Successful applicants will be informed of their acceptance to the ICRPS program through an official letter of acceptance.

Tuition fees for the ICRPS summer school vary by year. Please contact one of the partner universities for further information.

Obtaining Academic Credit

Students participating in ICRPS may be eligible for academic credit towards their respective programs. Students should consult ICRPS faculty members from their institution to determine if and how academic credit can be obtained through participation.

ICRPS 2015-Day 1 group photo

2015 – Galway, Ireland

2014 – Toluca, Mexico

2013 – Bertitoro, Italy

2012 – Montréal, Québec

ICRPS 2011, Norway

2011 – Ås, Norway

ICRPS 2010, Oregon USA

2010 – Corvallis, United States