New journal article on Rural Entrepreneurship in Chile

by the editors 16/09/2014

One of the aims of this blog is to encourage networking and cooperation across boarders and research fields among ICRPS faculty and alumni. We are therefore very happy to present a new article in the journal Migraciones Internacionales vol. 7, n 4, p. 235-264, by ICRPS faculty member by Philomena De Lima and Claudio Mancilla, a former ICRPS student.Portada MI_27

Mancilla, C., de Lima, P. (2014). Nuevos inmigrantes en Chile: Los determinantes de su actividad emprendedora / New Immigrants in Chile: Determinants of their Entrepreneurship. Migraciones Internacionales, vol. 7, nÂș 4, 235-264.

The article is in Spanish.