ICRPS 2014 Summer School – Research methodology and the economic crisis impact on rural North-America

Blog #4 – July 3, 2014

by Mikaël Akimowicz, Md Mutaleb and Venus Welch

Waking up with visions of the Aztec pyramids engrained in our minds, the intensity of the previous day still fresh on our bodies. Today’s intellectual oasis included the analysis of comparative theory and methods, research methodology and comparative rural policy.

Photo 1

We were also given the challenge to identify the structure of the research model to be used in our group projects: this evoked lively, yet intense discussion!

Photo 2

The sessions were conducted by the ICPRS team, whom provided a wealth of information about the impact of economic crisis in Canada, Mexico and the United States.  We also learned about the emerging indicator of resiliency.  We examined qualitative and quantitative studies which evaluated the resiliency in rural Spain. Our fun packed day of learning concluded with time designated for group projects…………which we used to write our blog!

!Adios, Hasta Pronto!