ICRPS 2014 Summer School – Trout and pyramides, – the perfect match!

Blog #3 – July 2, 2014

by Tristeen Bownes and Haniel Ogburu (Group 2 Goverance/ Governability)

Can you say Trout?! The participants of the ICRPS were able to analyze trout in Malinalco, Mexico, where we had the fortune of touring a trout farm in the area and learning about how rural policies impact its production. It was the first opportunity for the different groupsgroup 2 to interact with the local rural community of Mexico; hopefully receiving insight on their overall research projects.
After an in depth discussion with a representative from the trout farm as well as having another amazing authentic meal at Las Palomas, everyone was given the opportunity to scale the hillside to reach the pyramid of Malinalco. The ICRPS participants cheered each other on as they climbed up the hillside in search of the pyramid, which to all of our delights, was worth the hike. Furthermore, Malinalco had a variety of activities to explore, such as the farmers market, supplying fresh food and souvenirs, and the museum, presenting history and rooted culture.