ICRPS 2013 Registration is Now Open!

by the ICRPS 2013 Organizing Team, 16/03/2013

ICRPS Summer Institute 16 – 30 June 2013:

Agri-food systems and rural development: tradition, innovation and green governance.

Registration is now open!

The Department of Agro-food Science and Technology of the University of Bologna (UNIBO) and the University Residential Centre of Bertinoro (CEUB), in collaboration with the Department of Management, will host the 10th annual International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) Summer Institute. The 2013 Summer Institute will take place in Bertinoro, one hour from Bologna, in a wonderful venue, composed of three large historical and monumental buildings, surrounded by a very pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. During the two weeks intensive programme, workshops, seminars and field visits will allow the participants to explore the various issues, potentialities, and problems of the Italian rural areas, with a focus on the Emilia Romagna region. Some of the main themes of this year Summer Institute will be: Italian rural and regional policy; food systems and food networks; food waste (in collaboration with Last Minute Market and the multi-year project “A year against Waste“); rural tourism; in and off farm renewable energy; cooperatives; social farming; diversity and migrations.

Please find attached the official ICRPS 2013 flyer as well as the draft Summer Institute programme. For further information on application and other details, please visit the official ICPRS 2013 – Italy website at https://sites.google.com/site/icrps2013/ and visit the official Facebook group webpage. Finally, don´t hesitate to contact the ICRPS 2013 organizing team(icrps2013@unibo.it) or those responsible at the participating universities and organisations. You can find your right contact person here. Registration is now open!!! Deadline for registration: April, 12th 2013

The application process is organized in two steps:

Step 1: Interested students or professionals can apply to their respective partner University or Institute in the ICRPS Consortium through a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining the applicant’s reasons for joining the program, as well as the core rural policy interests. Relevant universities and contact persons are listed in the ICRPS website. Please note: in case the applicant is not attached to a partner University or Institute, please apply directly to Dr. Matteo Vittuari at the University of Bologna, Italy (icrps2013@unibo.it).

Step 2: Once the first step of the application is successful, the selected participants will be able to register and complete the installment by April, 12th 2013 directly through an online registration form, available on CEUB website, at the following link: http://www.ceub.it/default.asp?id_c=148&id=436#.UUGtPFedYkW

Looking forward to welcome you in Italy!

The ICRPS 2013 organizing team

See the ICRPS 2013 – Draft programme here!

Download the ICRPS 2013 – Flyer here!