ICRPS 2012: Old Quebec

by Ryan Deska 28/06/2012

Today we began the sessions with a discussion regarding the protection of Quebec’s agricultural land with Isabelle Ouellet, from the Commission de la protection du territore et de l’activie agricole du Quebec.   This was a very interesting discussion where we learned about Quebec’s land protection policies and how the commission deals with different applications for the use of rural/agricultural land.

We also had an opportunity today to convene with our groups and share with the entire program our progress to date and the various ideas, challenges, and recommendations that we have developed through our group meetings.  It seems as though the group process has been challenging for everyone, although I believe everyone is now on a promising path towards an insightful final product.Old Quebec

Today was our day to explore old Quebec and we were able to take in the Euro cup match between Portugal and Spain. Fortunately Spain has emerged victorious in extra time and our Spanish contingent will be eagerly awaiting the games to come. Many students enjoyed the opportunity to eat in old Quebec; le Pub St. Patrick hosted many students.  The light show that I attended was a very impressive account of Quebec and Canadian history.  I have definitely never seen a display like that, and I think all the Canadian and international students were surprised by both the visual effects and the story it told. I am very much looking forward to our time in Rimouski as we depart tomorrow morning.

Photo by ICRPS 2012