ICRPS 2012: Arriving in Quebec City

by Lauren Edens 26/06/2012

Our entrance to Quebec City was met with cooler temperatures and marked by an arrival into a completely francophone region. These indicators of a unique provincial culture, marked by ethnic traditions, were felt more acutely today.

We had formal discussions and lectures delivered by both faculty and provincial government levels.  Take aways from today included methods for the province to provide and administer development programs; the need for municipalities to work together, and additionally a need for sectors to coordinate activities towards shared goals was noted. Much time was devoted to understanding the role of development and agriculture. Especially absent from the professionals’ presentations was a discussion of the impact of and relationship with the federal government. Clarification of this was later given by Yancy.  Students and faculty are still asking lots of questions and we are always behind schedule due to this (but we wouldn’t have it any other way).

Photo by Eduardo Gómez