ICRPS 2012: Arrival Day

by Bill Reimer 21/06/2012

33 degrees and 54% humidity were the talk of the day as our guests arrived – hot, sweaty, and in some cases, luggage-less. One  by one they were set up with kit bags, keys, and directions to the nearest (air conditioned) pubs. By 9:00 PM we welcomed the last of today’s arrivals and introduced them to the crowd in the kitchen, the group out on the lawn under the trees, or the action at the Irish Embassy pub. Even the lost luggage had arrived to 2 very relieved travellers. Not bad for a first day!

Photo: Luc Bisson

BILL REIMER joined the ICRPS Consortium in 2011 and is co-organizing the ICRPS 2012 summer school in Quebec, Canada. Dr. Reimer recently retired from Concordia University, Department of Sociology and Anthropology. He has extensive experience in research on issues relating to rural Canada, with particular focus on social inclusion and exclusion. Reimer´s research areas include women´s farm and household labour, the impact of technology on rural communities, Aboriginal communities, the informal economy in rural Canada, social capital and community capacity-building.