The last post (for now?)

Dear Exploring Rurality readers,

for the last three years this blog has been edited on a voluntary basis by Katja and Kjersti, with Eric and Bernat joining the team along the way. The job has taken more consideration, time and effort than one might immediately think, and the response from the ICRPS community and ICRPS alumni has not always been like we hoped.

This will be our last post. During these three years we find that our lives, jobs and priorities have changed. We see that other things require our attention, time and effort now, and that for our own and our families sakes, we need to prioritize how our time is best spent.

It has taken a while to reach this decision, but by communicating amongst the editor team, and with the ICRPS faculty, we have reached this decision.

If nobody volunteers to take over the editorship of this blog, the initiative will stop here. We will be very sad to see this happen, as we still think that a meeting place for the ICRPS community, including alumni from a while back, should be in place for an initiative such as ICRPS.

If you would like to take over as an editor of this blog or have questions about potentially putting together a team – please let us know! We will be happy to pass on all the information we can to give the new editor(s) a flying start. Regardless, this will be the last post signed by the four of us.

We wish to thank all the contributors of posts to this blog since the beginning in 2012, and all those who commented. For those of you who didn’t – we hope you still enjoyed and benefited from reading.

All the best,

Katja, Eric, Bernat and Kjersti