International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics

By the editors 29/10/2014

An international student call for pluralism in economics

Over 65 associations of economics students from over 30 different countries, believe it is time to reconsider the way economics is taught. It is time to rethink the limits of economics and our ability to contend with the multidimensional challenges of the 21st century – from financial stability, to food security and climate change. The real world should be brought back into the classroom, as well as debate and a pluralism of theories and methods. Such change will help renew the discipline and ultimately create a space in which much needed solutions to the many problems of today’s society can be generated.

Students across the world have already started creating change step-by-step. They are doing things such as filling auditoriums for weekly lectures with invited speakers on topics not included in the traditional curriculum, organising reading groups, workshops, conferences, analysing current syllabuses and drafting alternative programs. University groups have been founded and new networks built both nationally and internationally.

Students, economists, and non-economists – are invited to join this network and create the critical mass needed for change. If you are interested in knowing more about this much needed initiative, you can find more information on their website.

The Exploring Rurality team supports this initiative and especially encourage rethinking policymaking in the field of rural studies.