ICRPS 2014 Summer School – Similarities and contrasts in NAFTA and the EU´s rural policy – Day 6

Blog #6 – July 5, 2014

by Brett, Pierre, Raymond and Anthony


We broke for lunch where we had our first Mexican tamales! After lunch several of us headed to the market to grab snacks for the day or walked around the campus to enjoy the nice, rain-free, weather! We gathered back together to discuss NAFTA and the EU. We heard from faculty members representing NAFTA, EU, newly EU, and non-EU countries. It was a great discussion surrounding the differences, similarities, and global impacts for countries engaging with these organizations.

As we broke into our focus groups to work on our projects our group, regional development, decided to walk back to the hotel from the college campus so we good discuss our project over a nice stroll. We stopped at a local cathedral with beautiful artwork and architecture on display.

Before dinner we had the chance to walk around the Toluca plaza where there was plenty of live music and vendors to enjoy. Several students toured the local art museum, botanical gardens, cathedral, and other nearby attractions that Toluca has to offer.

Tonight most of the students will be heading to a nearby city to see what the local night life has to offer!