Questions for Tony Fuller?

by the editors 20/04/2014

Happy Birthday!

Exploring Rurality has now been around for two full years!

In April 2012, Katja and Kjersti posted the first blog post on this ICRPS alumni blog, hoping that is would become a meeting point and discussion forum for all previous ICRPS participants and its faculty members. Since then, we have posted 125 posts and taken on two new editors, Eric in Canada and Bernat in Catalonia, Spain.

In April last year, we made a post highlighting some of the articles we published during the first year. This year, we have decided to celebrate with a Q and A-session.

Tony Fuller will be our “oracle” and answer the questions you might have, or the topics you want to discuss concerning rural policy, rural development, ICRPS or any other topic within the fields of interest for the ICRPS clan.

Dr. Tony Fuller retired from the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development at the University of Guelph in 2007. He is currently delivering workshops on asset mapping for rural community and policy development. Professor Fuller is currently an Adjunct Professor at the China Agricultural University in Beijing, China.

Add any question you might have to the comments below, or e-mail them to us at, and we will pass them on to Tony.

All the best,

Katja, Eric, Bernat and Kjersti

Photo courtesy of Will Clayton