How Rural Will Save Civilization, according to Ivan Emke

by the editors 18/09/2013

Will rural be the factor that saves civilization? In this lecture Ivan Emke argues that Rural created civilization througth rural innovations. In a light, right-to-the-point way he breaks down the stereotypical image of rural not being innovative. Watch the above TEDx video to learn why.

Ivan Emke is a rural researcher, sociologist and anthropologist from Newfoundland, Canada with a special interest in rural development dynamics. Along with ICRPS´ faculty Bill Reimer, he is a part of the New Rural Economy-project´s research on Social Cohesion in Rural Canada.

This talk was held at the TEDx event “TEDx Fort Townshend” at St. John´s in Newfoundland, Canada March 3rd 2013. The theme for the event was “Creative Communities”.

What is TEDx?
TEDx is a series of short, informative, hight quality video talks within a wide range of themes all somehowe concerning technology, education and design. The TEDx events and talks are a local version of the two annual TED conferenses.