ICRPS 2013: Public Management, Policy Delivery, and Italian Hospitality

by Suman Pant, 22/06/2013 on day 5 of the 2013 Summer Insitute

After a great field trip and amazing food yesterday, our day began in full swing with presentations and discussions. Emanuele Padovani from the University of Bologna started the day with his presentation on public management and policy delivery in rural areas. Some ideas and insights on collective action, collaborative governance, and local development were key topics. The discussions that followed were so interesting that some of the presenters decided to shorten (or drop their presentations). The debriefing session followed where everyone participated to provide their analysis of yesterday’s field visit. We started connecting the theories around rural tourism and our experience from the field visit. It was amazing how it all fit together!







After the debriefing and preparations for the next field visit, students and faculty were ready to go out for dinner and walk. Good food and good hospitality of Italy completed the day perfectly!