ICRPS Collaboration: Comparative Research in Agriculture

by Doug Ramsey, 08/01/2013

Doug RamseyOne of my hopes with ICRPS was the development of research collaborations. For the past few years I have been developing research projects with Vicky Soldevila (ICRPS alum year 1 and 2) and Lourdes Viladomiu (ICRPS faculty member). The research area is the hog sectors of Manitoba, Canada and Catalonia, Spain.

We have two projects, both of which have been published as working papers at Vicky’s university (Universitat Rovira I Virgili).

The first is a comparative analysis of environmental regulations affecting the hog sectors of Manitoba and Catalonia. This paper was recently published in the journal Land Use Policy. Because of copyright restrictions I am unable to post the pdf version on a web site. However, I am allowed to email copies to fellow researchers! If you are interested in receiving a copy, please let me know.

The second project is investigating the value chains between Catalonia and Manitoba. This is a working draft that we are finalizing for submission to a journal. The research focuses on the role of corporations in the structure, and restructuring, of the hog sectors in both jurisdictions. The role of the state is also examined.

This research would not be possible without ICRPS. First, Vicky, Lourdes and I would not have met. Second, we used our times together at ICRPS and in between to communicate our mutual research interests. Third, and based on the first two points, we met at other points in time. I visited Barcelona in 2007. Vicky has spent longer stays twice in Brandon.

While I continue to support the value of the schools themselves, I continue to argue that collaborative research using comparative foundations is one of the keys to the future of ICRPS.

Again if anyone is interested in receiving a copy of the paper in Land Use Policy, please let me know. Here is the information if your library has access to this journal:

Ramsey, D., Soldevila, V. and L. Vilamou. 2013. Environmental Regulations in the Hog Farming Sector: A Comparison Between Catalonia, Spain and Manitoba, Canada. Land Use Policy. 32: 239-249.

Doug Ramsey is an Associate Professor at Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada. He participated in the 2004 (Ontario), 2005 (Belgium), 2009 (Scotland), and 2011 (Norway) ICRPS institutes, hosted the 2006 Institute in Manitoba, and assisted in planning the 2007 (Spain) Institute. He is a rural geographer interested in agricultural restructuring and rural tourism. Email Doug at  ramsey@brandonu.ca