New Editor on Exploring Rurality

Since April, Katja and Kjersti has had the pleasure of editing this blog (you can see our pictures and read more about us here). However, now we are welcoming a third editor to the team. Eric Marr is well know to those of you who participated in the 2011 Summer School in Norway, or this year´s Summer School in Quebec, Canada. He has contributed to the blog several times already: Eric reported from Day 11 of the Quebec Summer School, and presented for us the findings in his master thesis on challenges of transportation in rural Canada in part one and part two.

Eric MarrEric is from Petrolia, Ontario a former oil town in central Canada turned agricultural community. He left the rural life to pursue education in Montreal, Toronto, and finally Guelph where he recently graduated from the Master of Science in Rural Planning and Development program at the University of Guelph.

 Eric currently works in policy development for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), and his research interests include transportation in rural communities and land-use planning policy.

While Katja and Kjersti are both located in Europe, Eric lives in North-America and will provide a comparative prespective on rural challenges and policies, and bring in fresh, new ideas to the editorial team. We look forward to work with Eric on developing this alumni-blog further!

Katja and Kjersti