ICRPS 2012: July 4th US Independence day (and presentations too)

by Oriol Forcada 04/07/2012

July 4th, Independence day. Shame you missed the fireworks but I missed the eurocup final and I don’t regret it cause it has been real fun being here.

So, today is our “Presentation day” and we will be seeing what everybody’s work has turned out.


Food started the conference – group students: Karen, Siân, Anaïs, Ryan, Rebecca

Energy – group students: Sam, Hélenè, Ryan, Eric, Jarrod

Inequality – group students: Rachel, Casey, Faith, Oriol, Yakub
(picture missing)

Natural resources – group students: Shelby, Ellen, Abigail, Mika, Krishna

Regional development 1 – group students: Fobete, Jonathan, Lauren, Lindsay, Marie

Regional development 2: Penny, Immaculate, Oriol, Eduardo, Connor, Pam

Well, finishing the presentations brings us close to the end of ICRPS. This evening in the City Hall will be a nice way to say farewell to our stay in Rimouski and get ready for our trip to Montreal tomorrow morning.

Photos: Oriol Forcada