ICRPS 2012: Blue and Green Much More Than Two Colours

by Oriol Prado 03/07/2012

When sombody talks about environment it makes me think in a shift of mentality. Probably is not much more than a language trick (“virar la ment” in Catalan means something like shift of mentality and I think in French is something similar) but in some aspects probably we need a real shift in terms of blue and green.

Long time humanity has been spending to submit the natural resources, maybe this shift is only a change to live with the natural resouces, that mean a good knowledge of them, as much as possible, of their limits and their posibilities, a relationship based on the mutual care, in the use and also in the preservation, knowing that some trips are unreversible.

Waterfalls are there, pine trees, maples and barley too. At the same time we need water for drinking, for agricultural, industrial, domestic and other uses. We need, boats, tables, maple syrup and beers (that’s true, maybe the only of those we need are beers). Where is the balance?

Perhaps we just have to bear in mind that green and blue can and must remain green and blue. Maybe we have only to look what’s on under the bridge.

Sota pont

Photo by Oriol Prado