Welcome to a rural refresher!

Welcome to the new ICRPS Summer Insitute Alumni Blog “Exploring Rurality“!

by Kjersti Nordskog and Katja Cappelen, 04/05/2012

We are hoping that this blog will be a meeting point for Summer Institute alumni and faculty to meet, stay in touch, exchange knowledge and get to know each other better. Please take a look at the links above where we explain our intentions for the Alumni blog, describe how YOU can contribute, and tell you shortly who the editors are.

So far, there are three treats gathered for you:
Just under this post, Stuty Maskey who participated in the 2010 Summer Institute in Oregon discusses opportunities and challenges of market access for rural communities seen from her point of view. Stuty live and works in Katmandu, Nepal.

The University of Missouri-Columbia has done a survey report investigating the impact of the past ICRPS Summer Institutes on the careers of participants. Maria Figueroa Armijos presents a summery of the the results here at Exploring Rurality.

Finally, John Bryden went to Tunisia a few months ago, and wrote this article on his observations and experiences, seen from a rural developement-perspective.

We hope you enjoy the texts we have gathered, and that they inspire you to learn more, to leave comments and hopefully also contribute with your own texts!

Any input, feedback, comments, and suggestions are very welcome! Hope to hear from you at exploringrurality@gmail.com

Greetings from the editors,
Kjersti Nordskog and Katja Cappelen